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Young Adult Ministry
The Young Adult Ministry is a group designed for individuals ages 20-45. This ministry focuses on the needs, interests and concerns of people in this age group. Each month we discuss topics such as current events, trends, relationship building, professional development, peer mentoring, financial planning, marriage, living single, parenting and spirituality to name a few. We also have a newsletter that is sent out to the members to keep them informed.

Our goal is to be a ministry of support for each other as we journey through life's challenges, accomplishments and more. Our purpose is to provide support among our peers as help each other to grow in our faith and be better citizens as well as merciful servants of the Lord. We welcome individuals in this age group from different faiths and backgrounds. 
We meet on the first Monday of each month and we turnout at mass on the 3rd Sunday of the month. We invite anyone in this age group to join us!

Contact person: Adoria Hankton - (337) 212-8765 email: