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Liturgical Dance
Liturgical Dance is a type of dance movement that is sometimes incorporated into the liturgy or worship service. Dancers respond with an appropriate dance, which flows from the interpretation of music designed to enhance the worship service. Those who dance for Jesus must always be mindful that dance is a form of worship and must never be viewed as a form of entertainment of spectacle in the Church.

We view the Liturgical Dance Ministry as an opportunity for young people to develop the art of dance and use these talents as good stewards in a way that is pleasing in the eyes of God.

Mrs. Pamela Joseph-Senegal is the Director and Owner of PJ’s Dance School located at 527 Mudd Avenue. She holds a Masters Degree in dance and she has graciously taken on the responsibility of training our Liturgical Dancers in the art and technique of proper dance for Liturgy.

The ministry is opened to ages 5-18 years of age.  The IHM Liturgical Dancers perform for Church, holidays and community events. They also perform and receive awards at P.J.’s annual recital which is held is May. Additionally, the dancers participate in parades and dance conferences. Ms. Pam wants parents to know that her classes are not only fun but also rewarding. 

We are also in need of a parent or parents to serve as coordinator between the Church and the dance school. This is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your children in a healthy and wholesome atmosphere and allows you to become a good steward for Christ.

Classes are held for 1 hour every Saturday at 12 noon at PJ's, located at 527 Mudd Avenue, Lafayette, LA.  For more information contact Pamela Joseph-Senegal at 337 278-2059.