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Inspirational Choir
The Immaculate Heart of Mary Inspirational Adult Choir, under the direction of Mr. Francis Leblanc, is comprised of a small group of senior adults who gather in song to praise and worship the Lord.

Their commitment to praise and worship is evident during Sunday morning mass when these voices blend to deliver angelic sounds that enhance the Sunday morning worship service.

We invite those who wish to be a part of our choir to join us. It does not matter if you believe that you can sing. What does matter is that God has given each one of us the special gift of voice and what better way to praise Him than in song. You simply say “Lord I am returning to you what you have given to me.” Our mission is not to entertain but rather to come together as men and women of faith who believe that we glorify God when we lift our voices in song.

Many of our angels who have gone before us are now a part of the “Heavenly Choir” – Bro. John Nezey, Bro. Dorsey Foreman, Bro. Duane Brown along with our Sisters Shirlene Syrie and Betty Odom. We are fairly certain that Deacon Ozene is not far critiquing the songs. When we praise God in song, we also pay homage to the legacy of those who have gone before us.

We ask that you please consider joining our music ministry as we continue to lift our voices.  

Rehearsal is every Monday after the 6pm Mass.  We magnify our faith through song at the 7:30 am Sunday Mass.   For further information, please contact Mr. Francis Leblanc at 337 232-4703,