Immaculate Heart of Mary
                    Catholic Church
                                        Lafayette, LA

818 12th Street * P.O. Box 2398 * Lafayette, LA 70502 
Phone (337) 235-4618 * Fax (337) 235-4775 
Site last updated 8/13/2018
The purpose of the Healthcare ministry is to inform, educate and allow parishioners to participate in various medical programs that embrace the integration of faith and health as it relates to the wellness and holistic needs of the parish community. Volunteers with and without medical backgrounds are encouraged to participate in this healthcare ministry. This ministry provides a prescription drug assistance program in addition to various educational resources on medical concerns.
Meetings are held every 3rd Thursday at 5:30 pm in the Mary House, located at 905 Surrey St, Lafayette, LA.  Contact Cynthia Wiltz (337) 257-7006,