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Eucharistic Ministry
Mission Statement: A strong reverence for what the Eucharistic Minister carries is to be seen and felt by all. Eucharistic Ministers should distribute the Body of Christ and Precious Blood with reverence, dignity, and personal attention. These ministers are brothers and sisters in the very Body and Blood being shared. They not only speak their faith in saying, "The Body of Christ", "The Blood of Christ" but call for the faith of the communicant as well.

Guidelines for IHM Eucharistic Ministers:
1. Mature Christians

2. Of excellent character

3. Take the faith seriously and lead Christian lives.

4. If at any time you find yourself living contrary to the teachings of  the church, it is highly desirable that you take a leave from this ministry until you have resolved this matter. (Remember you are an example to others.)

5. It is of the utmost importance that you make every effort to attend schedule workshops, to stay informed as an IHM Eucharistic Minister.

All interested parishioners are required to fill out a ministry form,  After completing this form and returning it per instructions on the form, you will be contacted as soon as the Pastor has reviewed and signed each application. Applicants are then given a training session, where they are shown how the Pastor request we prepare and assist in distributing Holy Communion. At the training, each minister is also given a copy of IHM Eucharistic Ministry Manual.  Upon completing this training session, a mass is selected by the Pastor  for commissioning each candidate. After the Commissioning Rite, ministers are now ready to spiritually feed God's people. 

All Eucharistic Ministers receive a quarterly schedule via mail or email, which indicates when each minister is to serve. Every effort is made to schedule each minister at the mass indicated on their ministry form. The ministry also provides an entertaining and informative quarterly newsletter.

Presently, IHM Eucharistic Ministry has approximately 96 active ministers. Ministry workshops are scheduled twice a year in conjunction with IHM Lectors Ministry.

He took, blessed, broke, and gave the bread saying, "This is my body" Sharing the cup, he said, "This is my blood", all ate and drank, and Jesus commanded them,"Do this in memory of me"
If you are interested in joining this Ministry, please contact Adoria Hankton (337) 212-8765,