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Altar Servers
PURPOSE:  The Altar Servers assist in the celebration of the masses by providing a special ministry to the pastor and pastoral staff.  They are trained and expected to assist on the altar by serving for masses on weekends, holidays and special ceremonies.

OBJECTIVE:  The Altar Server Ministry is open to all youth, male and female.  Members must have made their First Communion to be serving on the altar.  They are encouraged to:  develop a better understanding of  "commitment and dedication of service"; to continue their involvement and give support to the parish and community by serving in other capacities as they grow, discover, and learn to share their special gifts and talents.

1.  Serve for weekend masses 4:00 pm, 7:30 am, 9:00 am and 11:00 am.
2.  Attend monthly meetings held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm.
3.  Participation in annual ceremony for Outstanding Altar Server (Dioceses)
4.  Participate and support the IHM Family Day/Fall Festival.
5.  Annual Altar Server Outing (Christmas/Summer)
6.  Participation of specific age groups in: Lyke Conference, African American Catholic Youth Congress and various other parish/community activities held.
If you are interested in joining this Ministry, please contact Dorothy Nezey at (337) 233-7673.